Learn to Draw like a Master Artist

Gain Essential Drawing Skills with Over 42 Hours of Video Tutorials

Image by Carla Paton

If you’ve been searching for ways to boost your drawing skills, I have the perfect solution. The other week, I uncovered a fantastic website dedicated entirely to pencil drawings (affiliate link). It will certainly make an enormous difference if you want to create real-life artwork; trust me, it’s worth checking out.

This pencil drawing course is designed to help beginners master the art of realistic illustration. Moreover, it’s an online based program so you can access it anytime and any place with a device that has internet connectivity; I personally had no problems streaming its videos on my phone or tablet. By completing this beginner-friendly course, you will soon be able to express yourself through your drawings like never before.

Each class is two hours long, so you won’t miss anything while watching the video. Each begins by demonstrating all of the supplies needed and introducing basic strokes. Nothing is left to chance with this course; it covers every aspect of drawing that you need.

What I appreciate about this course is the way each lesson builds upon the knowledge of its predecessor, so you never feel like you’re jumping in to something completely unheard of. Each class has a certain concept or technique that must be mastered; for example, in the second lesson, students learn how to recognize different tonal values. Nolan (the instructor) uses styrofoam figurines as examples to demonstrate how light affects those values. His explanation style makes it all simple and accessible — theory taught through practical application.

With each class, you will receive both a downloadable template and an accompanying high-quality photo of the reference and final drawing to print. Additionally, these documents are laid out in such a way that upon printing them, they stay true to their exact size; making it simpler for you to accurately judge sizes when sketching.

With each class, you can expect to complete a drawing project. For example, the second assignment was to draw a realistic spoon — I initially thought that this would be difficult but after following the step-by-step instructions and demo provided at the start of class, it ended up being surprisingly straightforward.

The next four lessons are still life drawings, each featuring an onion and garlic arrangement, a transparent wine glass, rose and apple. As you work through these art pieces you will master creating texture and depth in your drawing techniques as well as learning how to draw objects that reflect light.

With Nolan’s guidance, you can begin sketching stunning portraits. He will instruct you step-by-step on how to draw the eyes, mouth, and other major features. What I truly admired is that he demonstrates what to pay attention to with each feature so when moving onto another subject like ears for example; you can confidently create an ear from any angle or shape without solely being limited by the practice course.

This course stands out from the competition due to its incredible depth. Not only does it cover topics like drawing textures and hands, but also contains over 42 hours of video! I’m still making my way through all this material, yet I know that when complete my drawings will have achieved a higher level of mastery.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to get the course at a remarkably reduced rate. It’s brand new, so it is still in its launch phase and currently available for less than half the price. Hurry up and check it out right away if you don’t want to miss your chance to grab this unbeatable bargain.



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